Purchase inspections :

Whether new home purchases or industrial facilities, we can provide concise insights into the conditions of the structure, components and grounds. You can rest assured that sufficient time will be utilized in examining every detail for an informative report that will reveal all aspects of your investment reducing fears of immediate capital expenditures and resulting in a confident investment.

Energy Audits :

Energy costs have become the greatest expense we all face from today's building practices. With the availability of the latest infrared and borescope technology, identification of all heat gains and losses are necessary to minimize these wasteful drains of consumption. Whether the method is convection, radiation or conduction and in every type of medium including vapor, liquid or solid, we can identify the sources. Whether new construction or historic landmarks, we can identify the most severe energy consumption components and recommend the most viable and economically feasible solutions.

Insurance inspections :

Current Florida law requires insurance companies to reduce premiums for construction methods that strengthen buildings from failing due to high wind load conditions. A wind mitigation inspection can reduce the wind portion of your premium and reduce your premium several hundreds of dollars making the cost of the inspection less than just the first year reduction in the premium. If your building is more than 30 years old then many agents will not even quote a premium without a four point inspection and all of them if the building is greater than 50 years old. An insurance inspection is a worthwhile investment in any case and is valid for several years.

Construction inspections :

Whether you are building a new structure or a lender seeking a vendor to perform draw or progress inspections, our experience in this field can keep you abreast of the work conducted during construction. Practices in today's world are a valid cause for concern. From land clearing to the certificate of occupancy and everything in between, staying informed on the progress of construction and quality of the workmanship is paramount in protecting your investment for the future decades.

Property condition inspections :

The present condition of properties is critical to investors or lenders in determining ongoing risk assessments and valuations. We can provide information when a property has experienced recent dilapidation due to natural disaster, abuse, vandalism or just extreme negligence prior to the finalization of any ongoing commitments preventing excessive devaluation of your portfolios.

WDO Inspections :

Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspections are provided by a state licensed pest control firm on a state approved form to satisfy lender requirements.